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Last Updated on: 21st April 2015, 11:55 am

The urge struck us to do some more audio, so here we are. We had a lot of fun doing this one.

It started with me not saying go at the right moment. Woops. Welcome to me not being a good record button-pusher. Then we just rambled about the awesome weather, the Blue Jays winning again, and the coolness that is our balcony.

I don’t know if you can hear what happened next, but somebody’s car alarm similar to the one I described in this old post started going off, so Steve started imitating it…at which point, Trix brought us back to the reason we decided to do this audio in the first place.

Unfortunately you can’t hear it, but Trix started circling us, puffing furiously. We put the mic in her face, but she did not puff hello. I described some new behaviour Trix does when there are fireworks or thunder storms, or our new term, thunderworks! This has been around since the beginning, but has changed some. Oh yeah? and I meant 1 a.m. not p.m. woops.

And as we finished up our thunderworks discussion, we came up with another term. Nicky Nicky Blind door: the act of a blind person knocking on the wrong door, realizing it’s the wrong house, and getting the hell out of dodge, leading the person who lives in the wrong house to believe they’ve been a victim of Nicky Nicky 9 Door. And here’s the link to the story of that blind guy getting shot in the face when he entered the wrong house. Oh yeah, and here’s the story of the drunk unintentional houseguest we had one night. Before we move on, here’s that car alarm bit I was talking about, a super detailed account of Shoe’s surprise 40th birthday party, and the yes please burgera picture of the yes please burger. Holy crap, how many things did we have to mention in that short stint?

Moving on, we talked some more about the hot weather, and the plants a friend and I are planting in the Enabling Garden. Hey, anybody know where the reference “fuck this cat, and fuck this door!” came from? Go ahead and take a guess. At this point, we came up with our third invented word, Friedo (pronounced “fried o”): dog left in a hot car. We also made up some new lyrics to what would be the Frido song. And you know what? We should have stuck to that song…because I proceeded to ruin the next song we attempted. Even these people did a better job.

This led to an awesome story of how, in his CFRU days, Steve unintentionally insulted electronica. R2D2, a television and a vacuum having a threesome, you say? What a description.

Wow. This thing goes everywhere. We went from how you can’t please everybody on the radio and on websites to me apologizing for not realizing that the Jonathan Sory story was more tragic than it seemed on the surface.

…which somehow led in a long and winding way to things taking on a totally different meaning if you’re just listening to them, which then led to talking about screen reader users who just go by the way words sound and don’t check the spelling, which can lead to some rather creative typos. Man, if you’re bored, I understand.

Before we signed off, I made fun of Steve’s loud phone text message noises, and Trix reappeared, looking all scared all over again.

And that about does it for another one. I think coining 3 new terms is pretty good. We enjoyed putting it together, hope you enjoy listening. Go get it in all its 1 hour and 7 minute glory.

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