Logic: A Deadly Weapon To Religion

Last Updated on: 20th November 2013, 05:10 pm

Here’s a pretty awesome video of the amazing atheist taking apart another guy’s poem. You’d never believe this was 14 minutes. And the funny part is if this guy was religious, he’d probably be an awesome preacher.

In 14 minutes, he managed to say a hell of a lot more than I did in this old post about religion. Damn it I wish I knew if it was captioned but I don’t. Basically, he takes apart this other video poem called “I Hate Religion, but I love Jesus.” Slowly, he starts to show how the guy can’t really show how Jesus is different than religion, and at the end, whips out ye old bible and chops up a few common beliefs about how friendly and awesome Jesus is thought to be. Damn it, I wish I had an easy way to transcribe it or something.

So yeah, if this sounds like a video you’d enjoy, go watch it.

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