I’m Baaack…I Think

Last Updated on: 26th July 2019, 06:38 pm

So yeah…I haven’t posted for nearly two weeks. Definite fail…although failing at blogging seems to be a regular occurrence for me now.

I think, *knocks on wood* that I’m out of the medical woods. I feel better, and bunches of my problems appear to be vanishing. It’s funny. I’ve had this since I was a kid, but only now am I truly learning about its funky intricacies. It appears I have to learn everything by breaking it. But whatever, now I appear to be feeling better, and normal life appears to be within my grasp. This makes me the happy.

Before I forget, the sixth assistance dog blog carnival is up, has been for a couple weeks. Yeah, I fail. Now I have to go read everybody’s stuff. Hmmm I’ll be busy.

I must be getting close to normal. I’m scrutinizing random oldies songs. the other day, I heard Barbara Mason Yes I’m ready. I wasn’t paying attention, and then I heard “I’m ready to learn to fall in love with you.” Learn? Excuse me? Learn? If you have to *learn*, you’re not falling in love. I don’t know what it is you’re doing, but it’s not that. It sounds like some kind of sick and twisted arranged marriage song. And is it me, or does she sound drunk out of her mind in that song? It sounds like she’s had to get totally plastered just to work up the courage to kiss this dude…I wish I could make JAWS slur its words and say “I’m ready…to learn…chugga lugga glugga.

Then I heard Hey Baby They’re Playing Our Song and one line stood out to me. “It’s the one with the pretty melody.” Yeah, that narrows it down. I mean, come on. There’s only *one* song with a pretty melody. The rest of those melodies are all discordant and sound like fingernails on a chalkboard. Well…maybe that would fit *now*, but not so much back when this song was made, which according to Wikipedia, was 1967. What a totally stupid line! But then again, oy…there were quite a few in that song.

This also got me thinking about how Please Mister Please won’t make any sense to kids anymore. It’ll join rotary phones and broken records and all those things that make them stare at us like we’re talking a foreign language.

I have two more observations to add to my pile of silly wrestling-related observations. So far we established that I like the way Lilian says John Cina and JBL’s old mooing song was the best. Well, now I have more, and I might as well make fun of myself for them.

Steve was watching some old NWA shows with Gordon Solie and Bob Caudle. I walked in, sat down, and didn’t say anything for a minute. Then I couldn’t contain myself. I had to ask. I knew who Gordon Solie was, but that other guy sounded…just like Johnny Cash! I asked him, and after he finished laughing his ass off at me, said no. That was Bob Caudle. Come on. Can’t you just hear this voice saying “My Name Is Sue! How Do You Do! And Now You’re Gonna Die!” No? I’m the only one? Ok then.

And one day, Steve was watching some wrestling and John Laurinaitis came on. I listened for a minute and then said “Whenever he talks, he sounds just like Bill MacKendry!” I don’t know how to spell Bill’s name, because he’s only famous at W. Ross, the school for the blind, but I hope someone reading this, besides Steve, both loves wrestling and knows good old Billie. It would be even more awesome if they happened to have a clip of Bill we could put up. Last night, John Laurinaitis said something about Oksanna, and all I could think was “Tanja?…” Again, that’ll only make sense to the people who went to W. Ross at the time when Billie was there. But I seriously can’t hear this guy talk without hearing Billie’s voice behind him yelling “I want a girl!” Am I alone in this?

And speaking of that old school, remember back when I said it was getting sued? Our buddy Shane found the W. Ross lawsuit in all its glory. Yikes. I’m glad I didn’t go there during that era. I haven’t a doubt in my mind that stuff like that went down…but when I was there, nothing that attrocious ever happened that I know of, except I think there was still the…um…sexual stuff happening between boys. I never knew about it until after when I would hear things. I do have to chuckle that the term “Braille Jail” made it into a legal filing.

The one thing I can’t figure out was the repeated references to things being run by the bell and the whistle and being made to line up. Um, regular schools did that too. You had the recess bell, the lunch bell, the bell for each class, the bell at the end of the day. And yeah, we had to line up. That’s how they can keep track of everybody. There must be some context I’m missing. I definitely want to hear how this plays out.

There’s this commercial that comes on that makes me laugh whenever I hear it, but I have no idea what it’s for. All it says is “I just told my boss I’m in bed with a nasty clown. I meant cold! How the hell do you turn off autocorrect?” I get the sense it’s for Telus, but how? Do they have easy to access tech support people? guides on all their phones? What? Other people can’t seem to get the message either, as google can’t give me a definite answer. But everybody’s laughing. Anybody know what the commercial’s for? Edit: According to this, it’s some kind of free Telus learning centre. here, laugh at it yourself.

The other day, I had something odd happen to me when I was out walking. A girl walked up to me and kept saying I’m gonna get one of those soon! I hope I hope hope so!” At first I assumed she was just talking on her cellphone, but something told me no, she’s talking to me. She’s talking to me and she’s talking about a guide dog. So I asked her what school she was applying to, and she said “The CINB.” I think she meant CNIB, so I had to tell her the CNIB doesn’t have a guide dog school. She then said “I have workers looking into it.” At this point my heart sank. I really think a person making this kind of an investment needs to be the primary person doing the research and looking into it. I asked her to come walk with me so we could talk, but she said she was going elsewhere, so I lost the opportunity to maybe talk to her a little bit. But I hope I see her again, and maybe have a better chance next time. I’ve never had the opportunity to really offer my experience as something to learn from besides what I write up here. I hope to be able to give to someone else what I got from that other handler so many years ago. But something tells me this person might not have been ready for it. Who knows though?

And I think that about wraps it up. I have other ideas for individual posts, but we’ll see what happens. I’m so unpredictable these days.

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  1. >Don't play B-17, it was our song. Talk about a blast from the past. Except I didn't like is even way back then.

  2. >Wow, I was pretty close when you asked me when I figured that song came out. Think I said either 65 or 66. Impressed.

    And I love your wrestling observations. You make more sense than some of the people who watch all the time. Totally agree about Bill, and I can see where maybe Bob Caudle sounds a wee bit like Johnny Cash. I'd never thought about it and it's a tiny bit of a stretch, but I've also been listening to him forever, so there's that.

  3. >Not sure what kind of phone would autocorrect "cold" to "clown". Maybe that's why I'd need the learning center.

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