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Last Updated on: 14th November 2020, 11:13 am

A 65-year-old Iowa man could spend up to a year in jail if convicted of charges resulting from an incident that saw him riding around a Walmart in one of the store’s electric carts whilst polishing the old pricing gun.

Gary Michael Sheriff was accused of indecent exposure when he “exposed his genitals to customers to arouse or satisfy his sexual desires,” a Linn County court in eastern Iowa charges. The affidavit also reads, “He reasonably should have known the act was offensive to viewers.”
According to cops, they were dispatched to the discount chain store where they “found the defendant had been following a woman around the store in an electric cart while exposing his penis and stroking it.”

They don’t say in which part of the store he was arrested, but it’s reasonable to assume that his next visit will be to the sheriff’s department.

Come on, you knew that was coming.

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