How I’m Doing With My iPhone 4 And A Look Ahead To The iPhone 5

Last Updated on: 10th September 2012, 03:29 pm

Since I just got an iPhone 4, of course that means it’s almost time for the iPhone 5 to hit the streets. It wouldn’t be right if I wasn’t behind the times now, would it? But don’t worry, I’m not angry. I’m not the type of guy who always has to have the newest thing. I’m typing these words on a desktop running Windows XP. Oh and I’m using an old PS/2 keyboard because some of my USB ports are messed up. Yeah, somebody needs a new computer…eventually.

Anyway, back to the iPhone 5.

Since I know from reading Twitter and the news that many of you are unhealthily interested in what it’s going to be like, I thought I’d be a good guy and post this promotional video I ran across just now. It looks like a hell of a phone. Maybe I might even get one in a few years. iPhone 5 REVEALED

And for those of you wondering how I’m doing with the iPhone 4 since I wrote about it Saturday, the answer is that I’m doing much better. I don’t hate it nearly as much as I did then, largely due to a nice friend who let me borrow a bluetooth keyboard until the one I ordered gets here. It’s hard to put into words how much easier it’s made things. Knowing that my reward for getting where I want to go on the touchscreen is that I get to type something on buttons like a human being instead of pecking aimlessly and frustratingly at things like some kind of drunken bird has actually made me want to get better with screen gestures. It saves me a lot of mental energy, which means I can spend more time with the thing, which means I can learn more in less time. I’m starting to have fun with it, which is good. If I can figure out how to get it off the phone, I should put up the picture I took of Carin. Well, not of Carin exactly, more like half of Carin’s face and a love seat pillow. I was told it wasn’t bad for a blind guy’s first crack at it. Seeing the phone as part wacky toy is a good sign, I think.

Oh, and I have a Fleksy demo now. Once I get the hang of it and plunk down the money for the full version, I’m hoping it’ll make touch typing when I have to an enjoyable experience, or at least one that doesn’t make me want to punch things in the mouth. From all I’ve heard from my blind iPhone having friends, it should do that and then some. I’m looking forward to trying it out when I’ve got a few minutes in the right frame of mind.

I want to again thank everybody on Twitter and in regular life for all their help with this thing. Without all of you, I don’t know if I’d still have a working iPhone right now.

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