Gay Marriage? Wrong! Gay Sleeping Around At Political Conventions? Well…

Not that there’s anything wrong with this, but it sure is interesting.

Grindr, the friend-finding phone application that has become a popular destination for gay men looking to meet up, experienced a surge in traffic in the Tampa area during the Republican National Convention this week. 

According to figures provided by Grindr’s analytics department, the application was on track to experience a more than 200 percent increase in log-ins this past week compared with numbers from the first three weeks of August.

Yes, there were lots of media types and protesters in town too, so perhaps a traffic spike isn’t out of the ordinary. But there are spikes and there are SPIKES, and that’s a lot of reporters and activists.

I don’t want to level any accusations here or anything, but might there not be at least a hint of a chance that some of our Republican friends are only so loudly and hatefully against gay marriage because supporting it would mean they’d have to buy rings?

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