Do You Have…?

Remember the two guys who wrote each other shopping lists full of items that didn’t exist and then went around asking for help finding them? If not, you do now.

Well, they did it again.

Still funny, and I still totally want to try it sometime.

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  1. Ow ow ow my belly and face hurt from all the laughing. I went and watched the two on the other post too. Hadn’t seen these before. Hilarious! Reminds me if the Improv Anywhere people.

    1. I love when the guy clerk asks the girl where they keep the Gluten Os. And for some reason I keep thinking about the ham sander and cracking up.

      I heard about a new Improv Everywhere video that I need to check out. They did something around Black Friday time in a dollar store. That’s all I know.

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