Come See Me Today For A Dan Good Keel

Well damn it all…or maybe I should say Dan it all.

Before I left for CSUN, Steve’s sister said that she heard that Dan of Dan’s Discount Windows and Doors died suddenly. For anyone not close to here, that wouldn’t mean a whole lot. But he has a huge warehouse that sells…well…windows and doors, and a lot of his commercials were everywhere around here. The song would always get stuck in our heads, and I’d always snicker at his “Hi this is Dan, come in for a Dan good deal.” thing that he would do. I think it was twice as funny because of his unique voice.

I went to look, and there’s his obituary. To die at 47. That’s just wrong.

I’ll leave you with this butchered version of the song. I’m sorry. I tried to modify the slow crappy version, but all I made was a fast-er similarly crappy one.

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