New Guide Dog Journals Day 7

Last Updated on: 1st April 2013, 01:50 pm

Wow. Day 7 already.

A few things: I think I might have heard the beginnings of a dream bark last night. Also, Tansy told me last night that she can hold it, and will communicate quite clearly when she has to go.

I think they’re trying to fix the wifi. Yea. Also maintenance is going to fix my door track so it’s not so hard to open my door. They really want me to use my safe. Problem is I can barely reach it.

I think those are all the loose ends I can think of. Time to go chomp some breakfast.

Oh I have more loose ends. I found out that Trixie’s mom died very young, in 2006. Trixie’s dad is still alive. He’s 10 years old but he’s still kickin’.

Another thing I learned about Tansy is she sneezes and snorts a lot while on route. She also doesn’t like to come if she’s laying in her open crate and I call her. Man she’s a quick learner. I accidentally left water out a couple of times.Now she looks every time.

I talked about the difficulty of shaking old habits. I also find myself carrying old baggage from Trix. For instance, At the end of Trix’s work, she would shake off a lot. Now when Tansy shakes off, I get nervous. Also whenever Tansy licks or scratches, I get nervous too. I have to keep telling myself this is a different dog.

Speaking of Trix, I get to see her raisers tomorrow. It should be good. I also want to go to the t touch lecture and record it. It’s so nice to be able to record stuff.

We’re having our goal meetings this morning, we’re getting our booties and then we’re going to the mall to do escalators. Yea!

Goal meetings were good. It’s hard to think of everything I could Need, but I think I’ve thought up a good stack.

Then we went to the mall and did escalators. I have to say I did pretty awesome. And Tansy walked around in rear boots and didn’t pitch a fit. Yea. She didn’t even squirm when I put them on. And the back ones stayed on solidly. Yea. Must remember she takes extra small barknboots. They didn’t even make clip clop noises.

They also showed us that if you can tug them and they can wiggle, you have them on too loose.

Then this afternoon, we did rounded corners and sidewalkless, since there’s a chunk of area near my house that has no sidewalk. That went well and I’m surprised at how much I remember.

Other things I have learned about Tansy: she doesn’t tank up on water, at least not yet. And if she doesn’t have to pee, she’ll sometimes just lie down like Trix did.

I’m amazed at how fast I can slip back into knowing when to feed, water, relieve, remember to groom, etc.

Apparently I was supposed to have a kong already. They’re going to fix that.

I will never get used to housekeeping just coming in. I went out to relieve Tansy and they just walked into my room while I was out there.

Damn it Tansy pooped and I didn’t even feel it. I was feeling pretty good about knowing what she was going to do when and how to tell. Reality check time.

So I had no luck with Rose things at the mall today. Will have to call the mall and verify what parts of them are open tomorrow since it’s Easter Sunday.

Oh maintenance also fixed my door lock so I can actually use it.

Funny moment at the mall: Since we were going up and down escalators repeatedly, one of the sales staff wondered if we were lost. Another one told us Tansy looked awesome.

So yeah. Things are going really well. A half hour to dinner.

Tansy loves her kong, it’s official. Even offers it to me. Yea I have a kong. Now I just need to get her a tug.

Tansy whimpers every now and then and I haven’t figured out why.

She also likes to jump on people, and will jump up to get her toys! This spells trouble if I don’t get on top of it.

After dinner, a bunch of us crated our dogs and went to the bar in the hotel. I’m a little tipsy. Tomorrow is our day off. Should post this and crash.

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  1. Carin. Tipsy. Wow! Never seen that. As for whimpering, is that when she’s asleep? I think dogs dream.

    I think it’s great you’re going to see Trixie’s family. You guys have a major bond there.

    Happy Easter!

  2. Ok phew I was wondering if Sundays were still days off haha! That’s good. And tipsy! I didn’t even think about a hotel bar. I had that hotel pictured all wrong. When I went to the GDB luncheon here before they tore down the dorm, they described the hotel quite differently, like a little quaint bed and breakfast or something haha. I could have sworn they said it was all one level but you mentioned an elevator. Oh well.

    Tansy sounds awesome! Maybe the whimpering is out of excitement.

  3. Ah that was the old hotel. They changed hotels about 6 months ago or so. Now we’re at the Sheraton.

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