The Equal Access To Books For The Blind Petition Is Accessible Now, But You’d Better Hurry If You’d Like To Sign It

Some good news on the equal access to books for the blind petition courtesy of this week’s Top Tech Tidbits.

The petition in support of the treaty on accessible books for people who are blind that is located on the White House website is finally accessible to people who are blind. Previously, it was paradoxically nearly impossible for a blind person to sign it independently. The deadline for gathering signatures is Friday, 21 June, and the organizers hope for a rather lofty number of signatures. Some of the treaty language being proposed would worsen access to books by blind people living in the US, while the language proposed here would increase access to books by people throughout the world.

At last check they were a shade over 12,000 signatures, so there’s a long way to go. Hurry up and sign this thing if you can. There’s much less of an excuse not to now.

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