IOS Vs. Android. The Winner Is…Up To You

So you’re blind and you’re looking for a smartphone, but you can’t decide whether to go with an iPhone or one of the Android devices. Everybody and his brother seems to have an opinion on the subject, but it can be hard to tell what sorts of experiences if any some of those opinions are based on. If that’s you, this may help a little. AN objective look: iOS vs. Android for the visually impaired

Ok so it’ll either help or it’ll confuse you more. but at least the guy seems to know what he’s talking about and appears to be trying to stay true to his goal of not swaying you with opinions.

This is part one of a series, and there’s quite a bit of information here if you’re looking for a side by side comparison of what Apple and Android have to offer. It’s very descriptive which is nice, even though it can be a lot to take in at times. I suggest giving it a look.

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