What’s In The Bags?

A man trying to cross the Mexican border on a bicycle with two big bags balanced on his shoulders is stopped by a border guard.

“What’s in the bags,” The guard asks.

“Sand,” the man replies.

The guard, not satisfied, wants to examine them. So the man gets off the bike, places the bags on the ground, opens them up, and the guard inspects…only to find sand. The fellow packs the sand into the bags, places them on his shoulders and pedals the bike across the border.

Two weeks later, the same situation is repeated….

“What have you there?”


“We want to examine it.”

Same results…nothing but sand and the guy is on his way again.

Every two weeks for a year the inspections continue.

Eventually, the border guard retires and one day he happens to see the guy downtown.

“Buddy, you drove me crazy,” he tells him. “I know you were smuggling something. For 30 years I was a border guard and I thought I’d seen everything, but I was never able to figure out what you were up to. I won’t say anything, but what were you smuggling?”

“Bicycles,” he says.

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