Helping A Searcher Out, A Little Too Late

This came in as a search.

“Will Tansy hurt dogs?”

Hmmm! Interesting question. Depends on how much rough play your dog can handle! I don’t think she would mean to, but I think she could do some damage if not monitored.

Oh…you meant the Tansy plant? Oh. I don’t know, but this website seems to say yes. It doesn’t sound like your dog would die, but you might want to get poochers outside a little faster if they asked to go. And make sure you have lots of cleaning stuff. Yuck!

I heard about a cool service that might be faster and more reliable at answering questions like this than googling. I don’t know if it works in Canada, but in the states it does. It’s the pet poison control line. Call 800-:213-6680

There’s a charge, but the charge seems like peanuts compared to rushing to an emergency vet. I’ve heard good things about the line, so hey, why not have it in ye old tool kit?

So I’ve now learned a little more about the Tansy flower. Gees Tans, your namesake has given you a horrible reputation!

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