Pepper Pointer

This might come as a shock to you, but a not insignificant number of the folks charged with confiscating your water bottles and playing with your genitals in the name of America’s airline safety are not the brightest of bulbs.

Proof of this (as if any further was required at this point) comes in the form of Chris Yves Dabel of Kennedy Airport, who couldn’t tell the difference between a can of pepper spray and a laser pointer. To make matters worse, he chose to figure out how different they were by pointing it at the people around him, setting it off and seeing what happened.

So what happened? Oh, just Dabel and 5 of his fellow TSA agents being taken to hospital for treatment. No big deal. Thankfully no passengers were hurt during the episode.

In yet another stunner, no mention was made in the report of any kind of disciplinary action.

Have the terrorists won yet?

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