Another Guilty Pleasure: Bad Romance

Not a single person has said the first mean thing to me about liking Party In The U.S.A. You’ve all either agreed or ridiculed me in silence, which is genuinely surprising. Every response I’ve gotten has been positive, our mostly dead ass comments section (Thanks again, Echo!) sputtered to life again and Matt even made a comeback that didn’t involve saying anything mean about me. We’ll forget the part where he did so in the comments and on Twitter and just keep it to the post itself, because that’s a step up for him and shows a completely new level of maturity. What a fairy, am I right?

In the conversation, Michelle suggested Bad Romance as another guilty pleasure type song. I agree. I think I like Party better, but it definitely has a similar “if my friends ever find out I like this…” feel to it.

And since it’s the rule, I dug up the “cool” cover that makes all of this ok.

When I say that there has to be some sort of cover, I’m only half joking. I’m completely making fun of the idea, but I’ve honest to god seen people for whom everything’s a stupid pop song until somebody lesser known covers it. Once that happens, it’s like they have permission to uncloset themselves and enjoy it.

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