Oh My Pho Mai

Gill seems to have a thing for reviewing restaurants these days. She goes to some pretty alright sounding places.

Last evening I went out to this local Thai place called Pho Mai. Although known mostly for take out this establishment has a wide selection of things to choose from.

What Is It Like?

Take out goes high end, minus the super expensive price tags. The atmosphere inside mellows one out with its water feature at the entrance on one side, and a wall of frosted glass on the other. It is painted in a butter nut squash tone accented by dark wood, and tan colored floors.

What Did I Eat?

This restaurant’s only real issue to me was the overall lack of a vegetarian option. However I did find a reasonably priced vegetable rice noodle soup that I spiced up with some hot sauce. Two thumbs way up for that.

Final Verdict

For a mostly known place for take out, that lacked a lot in its vegetarian options Pho Mai’s mellow atmosphere and delicious soup and coffee made up for its short comings.

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