Canadian Tire Has An Accessible Flyer

This morning I stumbled into the discovery that Canadian Tire has a screenreader accessible flyer. Go to this link, give it your postal code and you’re pretty much in business.

Unlike some of the others we’ve talked about here, you don’t have the option of skimming through the entire flyer. You’re browsing it either by category or by brand. I was ready to be annoyed by this because I’m one of those people who often doesn’t know I’m looking for something until I find it so like to have everything laid out right in front of me, but it quickly became obvious why they did it that way and why it’s not a bad idea. Clicking on house and home produced something like 25 pages and well over 300 sale items. Nobody wants to scroll through that many tents in the damn camping section when all they want is an extension cord, so it’s nice to have things broken down into somewhat digestible chunks.

It’s pretty simple to navigate, too. Each item begins with a graphical link that tells you what it is, so just use G or whatever the next graphic command is in your screenreader of choice to quickly move between them. And if you find something you want, there’s a buy online link down below the sale price info. I’ve never bought anything from their website so I can’t speak to the simplicity or lack thereof of the process, but that could come in extremely handy especially with Christmas coming up.

About the only thing missing is an email newsletter to poke you when the new flyer comes out. I like those, because I’m forgetful. Out of sight out of mind, as the saying goes. But beyond that, they seem to have done a pretty nice job.

Thank you, Canadian Tire.

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