Got Any Good Record-Keeping App Recommendations?

Last Updated on: 5th November 2014, 04:38 pm

I guess I’ll start with something easy…I want to write something else, but I’m afraid it will steal every last ounce of energy Captain Nameless Illness has generously left me.

So, whatever this illness is, it’s unpredictable and mysterious and we still don’t know what it is. So I’ve been keeping logs of as many things as I can in the hopes of finding a pattern. Unless I’m the poorest pattern recognizer ever, I can’t seem to find one. But I’m planning to give elements of this log to specialists to hopefully speed them along to finding this thing, and fixing it, goddamn it.

The place I’ve been keeping the log is in my phone, in the notes app. I started this because my phone was always with me, so no matter where I was, if I thought of something, I could write it down. This was great when the log was small, but a 3-finger tap on my screen revealed just how monstrous this log has gotten. “Page 108 of 108,” spoke my phone.

Yup, I’d believe it. When I come across that note, it takes the phone a good 5 seconds at best to speak its name. Moving the insertion point around is an enormous pain in the tush. I don’t think notes were designed to be that unwieldy, and I’m afraid I will hit a limit where the phone says “Hey idiot, get a wordprocessor!”

So…my dream app of course would be able to handle bigger documents, would have the ability to move by units other than word or line, like paragraph, having a search function would be awesome, and it would also be able to sync with the PC. That way, I could have the same copy on phone and PC so I could fix my phone typos easier, and give me more flexibility to add more stuff without breaking out the bluetooth keyboard…I’ve given up on using Fleksy for this. But I guess my biggest things are can handle bigger files without wanting to choke, and has more ways to move around a file. Syncing would just be a nice to have…I guess.

I know I could search applevis, but man, some days, even taking in information in searches saps my brain right the heck out. I thought about Evernote, but I heard it has some pretty big accessibility issues…I’m sick. I don’t want to have to struggle with one more damn app. Somebody mentioned OneNote, maybe I’ll try that.

Anybody else have any ideas?

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