Mike McCormick Would Really Like You To Vote, But Not For Cheryl Gallant

And by extension, not for Stephen Harper.

I can’t figure out how to embed this, so head on over here and listen to a little ditty that Mike McCormick of the Arrogant Worms knocked together for his current member of parliament, Cheryl Gallant.

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  1. Aww, Cheryl won’t be shutting up anytime soon. And…do this for me. Go to the CBC map of who’s winning. Like in the Christmas song, do you see what I see? Hopefully it happens with NVDA as well as JAWS. Just tell me what makes you laugh.

    1. She won? Crap! At least the damage she can do is substantially more limited now.

      And you’re gonna have to clue me in on this map. Either the cold is melting my brain or it just isn’t there…or maybe I’m looking at the wrong map because it doesn’t even show me a place where I can search even though one is supposed to be there. Either way, I see nothing humourous other than a distinct lack of Conservatives.

  2. What did I search for? something about CBC who’s in what riding. I got a page that says live action results, and a place to slap a postal code in and see who won. I don’t want to kill the joke any sooner than I have to.

  3. I blame JAWS. Every few seconds, it would yell “Alert! Liberal Majority!” I’m sure it was just designed to be live action-like, but it almost sounded like the website was celebrating over and over again that we had a liberal majority. And I’m probably a weirdo.

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