Best Tune, Worst Tune: Donovan Woods And Tim McGraw

Neither of us seem to have much to say yet this week, so why not listen to this lovely Donovan Woods song I just heard while you wait. Portland, Maine

At this point I imagine some of you are saying “Steve, this is a Tim McGraw song. Who is this Woods fellow?” Well, this Woods fellow happens to be one of the guys who wrote it, along with another fellow by the name of Abe Stoklasa, a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who I’ll confess I’d never heard of until now but who has played with a number of different people.

As for the rest of you, yes, Tim McGraw did record it and will almost certainly be more famous for it.

His version is perfectly fine, which is a nice thing to be able to write considering how much I think I’m going to like the song and how much I do not like Tim McGraw.

Why do I not like Tim McGraw? This should explain everything. If it doesn’t, I probably don’t like you either.

Holy fuck, this song. Proof positive that the wind is not the only thing that blows.

Fun fact: It took three people to write something this stupid, one of whom is Stan Lynch, A.K.A. the original drummer from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Had he not left the band 10 years before this atrocity, in a just world it would have been grounds to have him removed by force.

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