The Woof Washer

Trapping your dog in a hoop that sprays it with jets of soap and water while you stand at a distance. No, that’s not gonna terrify the little guy at all.

Yes, you can actually buy this. No, the dogs don’t seem to care for it.

To be fair, it almost sounds like a good idea on paper and I did find a video of a dog not fleeing in terror, so your mileage may vary.

Dog people. Would you use this?

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  1. Hell no. Can you imagine Trix after one of these? And if it’s hooked up to a hose, you’re terrorizing your pet with cold water too? Yeesh! I don’t think Shmans would like it either, but Trix would be in doggy therapy!

    1. Doggy therapy if we’re lucky. I was thinking more along the lines of in treatment for a heart attack. Tans would hate it too, but she’d probably figure out how to destroy it with brute strength so it wouldn’t bother her again.

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