I’m back.

Last Updated on: 22nd September 2013, 06:28 am

Sorry for the unbelievably long silence from me except for drivel on the comment boards. That’s what happens when your plumbing breaks, your phone breaks, parts of your supposedly brand spanking new computer break, you have exams, and then you scurry home for Christmas, to your parents’ house who have dialup, and you just get back now. Oh yeah, and when you go home, you find out your grandma’s in the hospital and her family doctor is being a tool chest. A tool chest? Nope, a whole tool warehouse! But anyway, that’s my lame excuse for not posting since like, what? December 5th or something.

I don’t even know why I’m posting except to hope everyone had a good Christmas. Mine was good. I got stuff I didn’t even know I wanted until I got it. Love those. The only part that sucked about it was the Dr. Tool Warehouse part. My grandma had to spend part of Christmas day in the hospital for no god damn good reason, except that the doctor refuses to let her out until the results of some stupid ass assessment are back. Until then, she could have come home god damn it. She’s sharing a room with a woman who can’t remember her name from day to day and shuts off the lights at fucking 7:00 at night cause it’s time for beddy bies for crying out loud. that’s no place for her. Ok I don’t even know where that came from. Don’t let me near a keyboard and the internet when I’m really mad. Who knows what might happen.

And holy crap my parents get a lot of spam. Here’s a tip. don’t fill out surveys that pop up and don’t give them your real address. Jesus Murphy. They get emails with part of their real address in them. And downloading hundreds of crap-filled messages on dialup…did I mention how slow dialup is? isn’t fun.

My brother’s hilarious. Everywhere he goes with his laptop, he looks to see if there’s a wireless connection he can tap into and mooch off of. Silly brother I have.

On the positive side, my neighbour is hilariously cute. He knocked on my door and gave me a huge, and I mean huge, cookie jar filled with mints. So everyone who comes to see me can for sure have a mint. Hell have two! Man that’s a lot of mints.

How do I end a post like this? I dunno. Hope you’re all safe and happy and cosy and warm…and well, no where near Thailand.

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