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Brad sent this in. I’m so glad he did. I can’t really tell Trixie stories because I don’t see her every day. It’s so nice to have a few more, and this one has pics! Woo! So in honour of Trix’s recently-passed 11th birthday, here’s Brad. Oh, and here’s the post about the nail disaster.

It’s been quite a spell since you fine Vomiteers were blessed with any sort of Trixie update, and, before I fall asleep, I’m going to get this written, thereby rectifying the previously mentioned lacking of such a post.

The big black beast turned eleven last Saturday, the ninth of April. I have to admit that it went by relatively unobserved due to the fact that I had to work for upwards of ten hours, then go out of town to a friend’s buck and doe, however, tomorrow, or today depending on when this is posted, we are going to celebrate properly with a trip to Trix’s favourite two places, Global Pet Foods, and Dairee Delite.

I’m not sure if Carin mentioned Trix’s problem last Fall. Her nails started sort of chipping off, and were very soft and caused her some discomfort. It turns out she has something called Lupoid onychodystrophy, which is similar to Lupus in humans. It took some time, but we’ve got it under control now. The vet actually had to pull three of her worst nails out. They have since grown back and look pretty good. The treatment is fairly simple, a lot of fish oil, a supplement I was giving her anyway, as well as Vitamin E. She is completely back to normal now, hour walks and off-leash trail hikes and all.

Last Fall, right before the Nail disaster, Petsmart had dog beds on sale, and I got Trix two of the memory foam ones that are supposed to be good for older dogs. She absolutely loves the things. There’s one in my room where she generally sleeps at night, and one in the livingroom where she spends the day. There are pictures of her on the livingroom one near my fireplace.

Trix enjoying her new memory foam bed
Nobody can say Trix isn’t well-cared-for

There are also some pictures of her while we’re hiking. There’s one of her in a field of long grass roaming around,
Trix in long grass
Sniff sniff sniff…
as well as a couple of her charging up and down a hill in the snow. Trixie running down a hill from behind
Trixie running down a hill towards Brad.
Ooo this is so much fun…got any treats?

We actually got sort of lost early last Fall and wound up doing an almost seven hour hike. We left the house around twelve thirty, and didn’t make it back until after seven thirty. We both slept well that night.

I think that covers most of the Trixie adventures.
Happy belated birthday Trixie! Enjoy your ice cream and Global treats.

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