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I have a friend who claims I know a song for every occasion. She claims that she could say to me that she had the weirdest day, she tripped over the laundry basket and got trampled by a dog, and I would say I knew a song about just that chain of events. I don’t, and I hope I’d be more sympathetic than that, but she has a point. I know a song that would fit pretty much any story. But my knowledge of weird songs grew exponentially because Steve and I became members at Dr.

We have always been fans, Steve had bought anniversary albums, and when we could, we would tune into a show or two, but they aren’t exactly played on the radio up here, so it was a bit of a trick and a half to get access. Now, for a tiny monthly fee, we can listen to tons of shows and get access to the new one as soon as it’s up. We are so behind, but if we ever can catch up, that’s what we can do.

I have learned so much cool stuff…the show is about more than just funny songs. Dr. Demento knows a ton of stuff about all kinds of music. Steve always jokes that he wants to be Dr. Demento when he grows up.

So if you like weird and wacky songs in a less restricted style than regular radio, give Dr. Demento a try. You can buy a show for 2 bucks and try it out. We certainly haven’t regretted it.

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