Ms. Gillie Gets Educated

Before we get to Gill’s latest, I just want to take a second to say sorry for the last few days of absolute silence. but more importantly than that, I need you all to listen to me very carefully. If somebody tells you that the various plagues going around this year won’t finish with you for a very long time an that you’re probably going to be in for at least a second round when you think you’re finally through, believe those people. They do not tell lies. I find myself in the midst of that second round right now, and it’s proving to be much harder to work through than the first, which was no picnic in its own right.

With that out of the way, I shall hit paste and go back to binging on podcasts and feeling sorry for myself.

Around a year ago I started attending a church in my neighborhood. Right away I noticed I fit right in with the family. When they invited me to a women’s ministry meeting I knew I was home.

I Didn’t know That

Several weeks after beginning my attendance there we had a community luncheon where congregants could bring neighbors or co-workers. Around halfway through the meal a woman sitting across from me remarked, “you do realize your the only white person here, don’t you?” Once I finished chewing, I looked at her and replied, “really? I hadn’t noticed.`

The Friends I’ve made

Right from the jump everyone had been very inviting and kind. I also found myself with no shortage of people to chat with and rides to events.

Appropriate or Appropriation

Sometime last spring my pastor got a letter in his mailbox at the church from the Hamilton chapter of the KKK. This got me thinking, how would I defend myself if the need came up. I also recognized that I had to walk a fine line. Rachel Dolisol crossed the line between empathizing and imitating. I knew which side, standing with my church family, I wanted to place myself on. I also remembered that white people stood against the Klan, and not wanting to cower I took my pastor’s message of non-violence and bravery to heart.


Have you ever stood for or against something? Tell us, we want to know!

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