Tickets On The Weekend

Last Updated on: 29th September 2017, 08:53 am

Yet another case of an album I had no idea had already been out for a while.

This is a newish single from Oh Susanna, who Carin and I discovered years ago when she and her band opened for Jim Cuddy. It’s called “Tickets on the Weekend”, and it tells an amusing and apparently true story about getting all revved up to go to a punk show only to be busted trying to buy liquor under age. It’s from the album “A Girl in Teen City”, which has been available in fine stores and apps since the end of May.

Update: Here’s another one.

“My Boyfriend” is a high school story about a guy singing in a band (or at least trying to) and how she knows she could totally kick his ass in the same position, but says nothing.

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