You’re From Ireland?

Seamus was tending bar when a patron came in and ordered a beer and a shot.

A little while later another came in and they struck up a conversation.

“Let me buy you a drink in memory of my mother land, Ireland,” the first said.

“Ireland?, I’m from Ireland too. I come from Dublin. Let’s drink to Dublin!” said the second.

“Dublin? Why I grew up there! Went to St. Mary’s,” replied the first.

“Me too,” said the second, “class of ’57.”

“Seamus, another round for the Class of ’57!” ordered the first.

And so it went.

A short time later, another patron came in.

“Hey Seamus, What’s going on in here today,” he asked, noticing the celebratory mood.

“Nothing much,” the bartender replied. “Just have the O’Reilly twins in drunk again.”

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