StoneHammer Beer Is Coming Back!

This right here is the long weekend news I needed. Guelph’s StoneHammer Brewing resurrected by local entrepreneur

I was so sad last year when the original StoneHammer Brewing went under. Their Dark Ale is honest to god one of my favourite beers in the world.

That list, if you’re curious, goes Moosehead, StoneHammer Dark, Sleeman Honey Brown at least until they fucked it up, StoneHammer Oatmeal Coffee Stout, everything else.

Come on, who has time for detailed lists? There’s beer to drink and it’s not going to drink itself!

I just hope that StoneHammer 2.0 is as good as the stuff I knew and loved. Since the revival is being headed by locals who know what they’re doing, I have some faith.

I’m going to have to, but I can’t wait to try it!

Beer lovers in Guelph and Ontario can rejoice with the news that StoneHammer Brewing has been resurrected.
The brand, recipes and brewing facilities have been acquired by local entrepreneur Mike Oosterveld.

StoneHammer Dark Ale will be available at select bars and restaurants in Guelph starting this weekend and there are plans to reopen the brewery and taproom on Elmira Road in July.
“For the relaunch, we’ll start with bringing back an old favourite,” Oosterveld said.

“As sales and production ramp up over the next several months, we’ll reintroduce more StoneHammer signature brews including Red Ale, Pilsner and Coffee Stout.”

Oosterveld is also the founder of Fixed Gear Brewing that opened in Guelph’s Junction neighbourhood in 2018.

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