Metal Shark Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo

Next time my nephew is over here, I need to start the process of training him to ask “the Hey Google” for this Baby Shark instead of the regular one. So much better. There was a bit in the middle where I almost forgot what I was listening to.

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    1. That was funny.  I still don’t think she’s gotten him one, though.

      It’s crazy to think that that visit was right when the world (or at least our part of it) was juuuuuuuuuust about to go straight to hell.  I’m glad it was so fun and eventful since it’s the last one that wasn’t on video over the phone.  Hopefully one day soon he and Aunt Carrots can get together and be slops again.

      1. Slither…slither…slither… That was surprisingly difficult. If you need to do Pilates, just crawl around the floor on your belly with a 4-year-old on your back. You’ll be in shape in no time.

        1. Come on, he was only 3 then!  He’s probably even heavier now.

          So did you find the slithering harder than the pony?  Both are hard in their own way by the time you get to about lap 5 of the house, I find.  Although I’m not sure either of those are as difficult as keeping him in his clothes or trying to keep a straight face when he escapes the apartment naked and you have to chase him down.  Nothing like a large man running after an unclothed screaming child in a semi-public space.  Nope, nothing suspicious looking about that at all.

          1. Oh god the juice!  Imagine a super soaker, but with fruit punch where the water should go.

            And even though the apples and oranges didn’t roam far, it took a surprisingly long time to find them all.  Boy can they roll.  I wasn’t expecting I’d find a banana in the bedroom though.  That was interesting.

  1. I forgot about the banana in the bedroom. As for your difficulty question to do with slop or pony, hmmm…I think slop might have been harder. It’s really hard to turn and also hard to navigate when you can only slide on your belly…at least for me. Pony was just kind of painful.

    1. Makes sense.  It’s nothing but core strength, plus I imagine it being a little extra hard for you because you always have like 300 things in your pockets.  But he had a grand old time, and that’s the main thing.

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