This Song Makes Me Laugh For All The Wrong Reasons

I think I’ve said it before. My dad has some wacky expressions. I don’t know how many times, as a kid, I heard him say something, thought he was weird for it, and then discovered it came from a book or a song or whatever. Now I catch myself getting the same reaction from people. At least I can give them a link to most of my wacky references. Definitely dad uses some creative cursing, and he did more back years ago.

One thing he used to say when he was really frustrated with someone, after they left the room of course, was “Go piss up a rope!” Whenever he would say it, he was angry about something, so I couldn’t laugh right away, but I would catch myself giggling at the vision that brought to my brain.

Then the other day, this song came on Spotify.

Here are the lyrics.
Ok, so dad isn’t the only one who says that either.

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