COVID Hyper-Alert?

Last Updated on: 14th September 2020, 01:08 am

I have a probably dumb question about the new COVID Alert app. If you get the virus and report that to the app and input your happy little key, what happens when your case is marked as resolved? Does the public health unit deactivate your key so your phone stops spewing warning-triggering codes? Or are they not doing that right now because we can’t figure out how many poor saps with resolved infections have it flair up again, so they’re just leaving them marked as possible COVID positives?

I looked on the COVID Alert help page, and there is nothing about this. If there is a FAQ about this app, I would hope that this particular question would be an F-ly A’d Q.

I would hope they turn off the keys of resolved people. Otherwise, we’re going to reach a point where there are tons of false positives sending lots of people into testing zones for no reason. I know we haven’t reached that place, or anywhere close, but I figure it would be good to know how that part of the plan works. Or maybe I’m missing something somewhere. If so, someone can please enlighten me.

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