I Sometimes Feel Old!

I just got this from Gill. It’s funny that she happened to send it now, since I’m having my own bout of the elderlies this week. Seppa-Tebby-Tebby is in Junior Kindergarten. Seriously. I don’t know how that happened. Today is his third day. From what I hear, he seems to like it. I’m supposed to see him tomorrow, so maybe I can get him to tell me all about it if he can find time for stories between rounds of playing with Aunt Carrots and not quite understanding how hide and seek works.

“Ok Uncle Steve, you go hide over here and I’ll count. Ready?”

By the way, how are there adults who haven’t heard of the Challenger? I obviously don’t expect them to remember it, but is it not being covered in school? Seems like something that would definitely be important enough to come up in either science or history.

Do you feel old?  I will turn 41 in less than two months, and there are definitely times when I do. Times like:

  1. Seeing not so little cousins – Recently I saw my cousin, his wife, and their two kids.  The kids are now 15 and 12.  I remember holding the 15-year-old when she was just over a week old.
  2. Having this conversation – While talking to someone doing an internship, the chat went like this:
    Me: “Have you heard of the Challenger Explosion in 1986?”
    Student: “No, have you?”
    Me: “Yeah. I was in 1st grade when it happened, and we were gathered in the TV room at my boarding school watching it.”
    Student says nothing, but looks at me with a mix of something between oblivion and wow, you’re old.
  3. Video games – When at an antique market, I found a bunch of Nintendo games I played as a kid.


It happens to all of us sooner or later, so when have you felt old?

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  1. It happens all the damn time. I work with people who don’t remember the Sesame Street aliens or the van down by the river thing from Saturday Night Live. I reference things from old movies. I tried to use “Flight of the Navigator” references in a speech and got told “Nice ancient movie reference there.” And yeah, the Challenger should get referenced in science or history, or if they ever talk about psychology and the dangers of getting swept up by a group.

  2. Well, I saw Seppa yesterday. He told me he likes school, but he was much more concerned with getting aunt Carrot (who had lost her S for most of the day) to activate the octo-hatch. I had never heard of the Octonauts until yesterday. I’m so out of touch on all this kid stuff now.

    1. I wonder what the heck noise you would have come up with had you been tasked with being a “cat pony” like I was.  Thankfully he was enjoying that enough without added sound.  I can’t figure out where the cat comes in because it was just him riding me around the house like usual, but he was all about the cat pony.

        1. You’ve been a good enough pony and an even better slop for him at other times.

          Thankfully you didn’t have to do it yesterday, especially on the hard floor in the big bedroom.  I’m surprised I didn’t wind up making any of those noises you mentioned.

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