Maid Of The Missed The Mark

I saw a commercial and I want to know if I’m the weird one here. It was for Niagara Falls tourism, and it showed this guy talking about how he hasn’t seen his grandma in a while, so now he’s going to make time for her and take her to Niagara Falls “because Grandma, you are my occasion.” I would link to a YouTube video, but it appears to be under lock and key. This description will have to do.

In the first television commercial of the campaign, Tyler, an adult grandson, tells his grandmother Eleanor that, “Quarantine has kept us apart, but I can’t just blame Covid. Because the last time we were really together, just the two of us, was way before that.” Continuing, “But I’m going to change that.” In the spot, viewers witness Tyler surprise his grandmother with a spontaneous weekend in Niagara Falls. The film captures the raw beauty of their time together enjoying many of Niagara Falls’ most iconic and fun attractions, and Tyler explains to her that, “This time, it’s not your birthday, or a holiday, or some special occasion. Because grandma, you are my occasion.”

Whaaaat? Did Tyler get a sneak peek at the will and knows he’s in it? Let’s take Grandma to a tourist trap when our Coronavirus case numbers are super high. What could possibly go wrong?

I agree with the sentiment that we should make time for people and not take them for granted, but how about we save this commercial for when we have this stupid virus under control? Otherwise, the next occasion that involves Grandma might be her funeral, and Tyler, you might be the reason for that occasion.

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