Santa Claus Can Come Through Your Town

I had a good laugh when I saw this news story about Santa being deemed an essential worker. How very smart of everyone. I think if we were kids in the pandemic, we would have been all worried that Santa couldn’t come during the lockdown. Heck, if we were going to go to Grandma’s on Christmas Eve before Santa was supposed to arrive, we would make Mom stick a note on the tree telling Santa where to bring our gifts.

I especially couldn’t help but smile when Santa told our regional chair he invented remote contactless delivery! Santa, you smart man you!

It sounds like none of the nephews are worried about if Santa’s going to arrive. Maybe I was the weird kid.

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  1. He’s also got physically distant Christmas Eve down. Have you ever actually seen him? You haven’t, so he’s definitely far enough away.

    And I imagine as a kid it would have crossed my mind that maybe the virus would give him trouble, but the guy is magical. He’d figure it out.

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