What The Hell Is That Song Called? Who Cares. The Chorus Goes La La La La La La…

Spotify Adds Ability to Search Songs by Lyrics
Apparently you’ve been able to do this for months, but I’m only finding out about it today because that’s just how things work for me now.

I wonder how you would phrase one of these queries for a Siri or Google Home voice search. Can you even?

Anyway, it will definitely come in handy if it works anywhere near as well as it’s supposed to. I’m pretty good with music, but there are plenty of songs I simply cannot remember the names of no matter how hard I try.

This week, Spotify is rolling out the ability to find songs by searching for their lyrics. It’s a feature that’s been a long time coming and it will undoubtedly become second-nature for users in no time at all.
Spotify designer Lin Wang first shared the news in a tweet on Monday. The new search function is available on iOS or Android and our initial tests show that it works as advertised. We tried a few examples of English, Spanish, and Hindi lyrics and found the correct song with just a few words. That probably won’t prove to be the case for more obscure songs, but rest assured that Smash Mouth’s All Star is readily searchable.

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  1. Well given how not English most of my Spotify is nowadays, that should make it a fun challenge.

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