Dirt Road Dirt Nap

Last Updated on: 5th March 2021, 06:00 pm

I was a kid once. Sometimes me and my friends did some things that were…not so bright. Now and again one or more of us even got ourselves a little banged up in the process. But no matter what dumbass pastime we got up to, there was never anything included that could be considered, even by a stupid teenager, to be anything other than an obvious risk of death. We didn’t cover ourselves in blankets and lie down in the fuckin’ road is what I’m trying to say here. Jesus, kids.

Provincial police are sounding the alarm, again, over a dangerous stunt — apparently fuelled by a social media dare — in which teens lie on roads and run when vehicles approach.
The warning comes after Huron OPP were notified last week of at least 15 youths in Exeter trying the stunt, covering themselves with blankets and stretching out on the road.

It’s the second such report in Southwestern Ontario in recent months. After Norfolk OPP responded to a September complaint involving five teens, Sanchuk credited an alert driver with avoiding tragedy.

“As a driver, I don’t anticipate seeing people sitting in the middle of the road,” said OPP spokesman and reasonable human being Ed Sanchuk.

Obviously I don’t want to see anyone get seriously hurt, but I have to admit that it’s kind of hard at a moment such as this not to root for a distracted driver for once.

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