If The Crazy Old Metal Preacher Says The Pandemic Is Over, Who Are We To Argue?

Clearly, the best way to experience Kenneth Copeland is to not experience him at all. But if you must, listening to his rantings set to metal is a close second.

Isn’t that so much better than this?

There’s no need to answer that question, but you can explain why the answer is yes if you’d like.

Here are the lyrics, sort of.

“In the Name of Jesus, standing in the office of the prophet of God, I execute judgment on you COVID-19. I execute judgment on you, satan, you destroyer, you killer. You get out. I break your power. You get off this nation. I demand judgment on you. I demand. I demand.

“I demand a vaccination to come immediately. I call you done. I call you gone. You come down from your place of authority, destroyer. You come down and you crawl on your belly like God commanded you when He put His foot on your head in the Garden of Eden. You will destroy through COVID-19 no more.

‘It is finished! It is over! And the United States of America is healed and well again,’ saith the mighty Spirit called Peace, who is also the Prince of War, the Lord Jesus Christ.”

We must choose to exercise our authority and dominion over COVID-19 with our words. Get into agreement with the prophet, and declare God’s judgment on COVID-19. It is defeated in the Name of Jesus!

And just to make sure that the virus really is good and gone, he blew wind on it.

And that too became a metal song, because sometimes the internet really does love us.

I have to ask again. How does someone watch a person like this and then decide that yes, in fact, this is a fellow who needs my money much more than I? He isn’t exactly using it to fund his mental health treatment, you know.

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