I Am Fully Vaccinated For Some Reason

Last Updated on: 23rd June 2021, 08:47 pm

I’m extremely happy to have it done, but I’m also equally confused and annoyed that it happened.

I have no idea how it is that I, a fella, have both of my doses while Carin, who not only got her first one nearly a month ahead of me but who more importantly did so because she is part of one of the high risk groups, is still waiting her turn. Why even have priority groups if you aren’t going to treat those people like a priority? I’ll spare you the whole rant about the random and impossible to follow nature of the entire vaccine strategy and merely point out that I was absolutely treated like a priority while poor Carin decidedly was not. She had to navigate her way through the entire booking system a second time while I didn’t have to do jack shit. When the opportunity to move my appointment came up, I was contacted by the office that shot me the first time and asked to let them know which vaccine I wanted, either AstraZeneca like I had the first time or Moderna which they were now also offering. I did, and within a couple of days I was given an appointment for the following week. Meanwhile, Carin had to register online again, only to find that she no longer fit into any of the risk groups listed there because she is neither dead nor at death’s door, knocking loudly. I think the only reason she heard anything at all is because we’re “lucky” enough to live in one of the hot spot neighbourhoods.

It’s great that vaccinations are rolling along at a good pace, but I can’t help but think that maybe things would be moving even faster if it was a lot less complicated. Carin is a determined person who keeps on top of things and she had trouble sorting out what to do. Most people aren’t Carin. How many people have or will fall through the cracks because they simply can’t keep up?

Oops. I guess I didn’t spare you that rant after all. Oh well.

As for my own second vaccination, I am an official member of the mix and match club. I told the office that my first choice was to get a second dose of the AZ, but that I was absolutely open to whatever they needed to do based on supply or what they felt would be right. So…Moderna it was.

I’m told that the switch can be a pretty rough go in the side effects department, but I also texted a friend who had the same combo earlier in the week and he said that he felt off but better than he did after his AstraZeneca shot. I guess I’ll let you know. For now I’m off to keep “over-hydrating” like the nurse suggested I do, just in case.

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