Bernie, Bernie, Bernie The Computer Doctor…

Last Updated on: 22nd July 2023, 09:15 pm

I don’t know why this song appears in my head when I have to call these guys, but it does.

I’m realizing that we have lived in this town for nearly ten years, and have used the services of Bernie the Computer Doctor, and I have never given them a plug, and that’s a shame.

Every now and then, our computers get themselves in a situation that we can’t fix on our own. When I moved here, I was wondering who I would have to call on since Mr. Do A Good Turn wasn’t around and all the stores I would call were no longer local.

Luckily, Google led me to these guys and they’ve always been good to me. They’ll come get your computer and don’t charge you an arm and a leg for doing that, they’re quick, they’re good at what they do and they’re honest. One time, Steve thought his computer’s power supply was busted, and all it was was the UPS was misbehaving. But they didn’t try and take the computer away or do unnecessary things. They just did what they could to bring things back around, told us how to do it in the future and that was it.

Just recently, I had to call them in because my hard drive was starting to go and my computer was acting like a computer possessed. They managed to clone it, and I didn’t lose a thing! Woo! I always hope for an outcome like that, but I don’t always get it.

It was one of the guys from Bernie the Computer Doctor who revived Steve’s old computer, the one we affectionately nicknamed “The Asshole”. It was that same guy who Tansy reeeeally wanted to greet…the one she broke her tie-down to reach. Another one showed me how to open my old computer’s case and get the dust out. I admit that I’m not as good at that as I should be, but I appreciate his patience. Much appreciation to everybody there. I hope they don’t go anywhere anytime soon.

Apparently, their website has died, but they are still around, much to our relief. If you’re in KW and want to find them, look for Wilmot Technologies.

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