Our Old Ghost Friend Has Returned, And I Think It Might Be A Jays Fan

I’m a little rattled at the moment.

I’m not sure how many of you remember about eight years ago when Carin and I were convinced that there was a ghost in our house. Well, he…she…they…whatever it is went quiet after that and we didn’t think much more about it once it did.

Until today.

While puttering around the house this afternoon, I had the Giants and Nationals game on the MLB app. As it was getting close to ending, I looked at the clock and thought to myself “once this is over, maybe I should switch it to the Jays feed and see if I can catch a bit of the pregame.” Soon enough, the final out was recorded and the Giants had won. Then, before I even had time to reach for the phone, something happened. Jon Miller announced that the game was over. I started to walk across the room. Suddenly…silence.

“Damn internet,” I said under my breath.

But then, the opening strains of a familiar song began to play.

That was immediately followed by a commercial for Lotto 649.

“What!?” I said aloud. “They don’t have Canadian lotteries in California.”

I unlocked the phone and sure enough, I was suddenly on the feed for the Blue Jays broadcast.

I swear to you all, I didn’t touch anything. This happened all on its own.

At first, I tried to rationalize it by wondering if perhaps one of the recent app updates added a feature that would switch to your favourite team’s feed at the end of another game if it was active. But I was swiftly disabused of this notion when I remembered that I have four favourite teams selected in my settings.

So here I am, left with only one explanation.

Welcome back, helpful ghost pal. It’s good to see you…I think

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