Children Are Great When They Work

Tell me this isn’t every company meeting you’ve ever been stuck in. THE UX ON THIS SMALL CHILD IS TERRIBLE

Diagnostics and Troubleshooting
This Small Child has no clear sense of hierarchy in either the visual or navigational sense. When it comes to troubleshooting, it is nearly impossible to find the information you need quickly. For example, last night the Small Child stood emitting a high-pitched scream in her bedroom. I tried to quickly arrive at a solution in a natural, organic way. Is the Small Child in pain? Is the Small Child hungry? It took more than twenty earsplitting minutes to learn the Small Child was angry that Flappy the Elephant didn’t pick her up from school. I explained that Flappy is seven inches tall and has no central nervous system, but the Small Child was inconsolable. Future child iterations should include a focused effort on problem-free navigation with fewer operational and cognitive costs.

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  1. Hi Steve, would it be possible to remove an article. I was a man caught in the grip of drug addiction and psychosis when I was arrested. 5 years later I’m sober and turning my life around. It would be such a help to my progress if the article didn’t follow me everywhere I go. It’s a source of anxiety from employment to relationships. Please help. Here’s the link

    1. Hi. I just wrote back to your tweet about this as well. Like I said there, if something is true, we generally aren’t in the business of removing it. Nobody should do that. If something is real, then for better or worse it’s news, and therefore quite possibly in the public interest. Besides, one or two websites pulling down a story won’t erase it from existence. It will always be searchable somewhere forever, unfortunately.

      But you’re doing the right thing by owning that it’s you and doing your best to better yourself. I’m sincerely happy that you’ve gotten to a better place in life at this point. So many don’t.

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