Fatal Food Feuds, The Corndog Edition

There’s nothing funny about this, it’s just that collecting these is one of those things we do here.

Corey Lamont Walker, 36, told his three roommates Tuesday morning that someone was stealing food from his room, police said.

Walker blamed roommate Anthony Kimball Smith, 56, and an argument ensued, police said.

Another roommate flagged down a passer-by and asked them to call police, who were notified about 9:40 a.m.

Walker retrieved a butcher knife from the kitchen and stabbed Smith once in the upper chest, police said. Smith later died at Bayfront Medical Center.

Another report claims that the missing food in question was a corndog. A corndog? Of all the foods you could kill somebody over, you pick corndogs? They’re not even any good!

Walker was arrested Tuesday and charged with second-degree murder.

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