Who Are These People? The 2022 Waterloo City Council And School Board Candidates. There’s Also A Suggestion For What To Vote Against

Carrying on with the series, here are your Waterloo Council and school board candidates.

I don’t always pay the closest attention to the goings on out in Waterloo, but rest assured I will be actively rooting against the idea of this George Schmidt fellow having a say in how future generations are educated.

Priorities: Parental rights in education; Increased focus on students; Back to basics education; ‘Education’ not ‘indoctrination’; Ensure safe and secure facilities
Quote: “Left-leaning progressives are radicalizing Canadian children and youth through the education system and using them as “Agents of Change” to advance a global agenda to deconstruct societal norms. Sadly, many School Board Trustees and educators are willing to play Russian roulette with the majority of students by putting political correctness before the genuine welfare of the students they are trusted to oversee.”


Does political correctness sometimes go too far and get hung up on all the wrong things? You bet. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of societal norms that could use them a good deconstructing. That’s the only way society can ever change for the better. If nobody ever fights against norms, we still have gay people who aren’t allowed to feel love in public and whites only water fountains. Even I, a straight white man, only have the life I do because someone stood up and refused to accept that all disabled people were useless invalids. Change can be hard, but often it’s necessary. You don’t have to like every change (nobody does), but it’s inevitable. And to get it right, we need brave and smart people of all ages, well equipped with knowledge, context, morals and critical thinking skills. In other words, we need the very things that conservatives like George Schmidt have become hell bent on fighting against. We don’t always have to agree 100 percent on every single issue, but if you’re coming right out and saying that you’re against life being as good as it can be for as many people as possible, I’ve got no time for you. No one else should, either.

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