Hello? Hello?


I’m here…mostly…I believe.

Sorry things have gotten so quiet these last two weeks. Believe me, that was not the plan. All I can tell you is that the sicknesses going around this year are no joke. I came down with one 10 days ago and while I feel a lot better than I did and even managed to do some Christmas shopping this week, I’m still not right. My appetite is a little screwy, I’m having trouble shaking the last of the cough and getting my voice back and I don’t have nearly the energy or focus that I should.

Don’t ask me what I caught. I have no idea. I thought it may have been Covid again since for a couple of days I had no sense of taste or smell, but I have four rapid tests that say it isn’t, so who knows. Whatever it is, it’s unpleasant and I don’t like it. It’s been a good excuse to lay around and watch a lot of wrestling, but that’s pretty much where the positives end.

If you don’t have your flu shot or the new fancy Covid vaccine, you should probably get those. I don’t have either one yet, but was planning to get them both right around the time I was felled by this shit. Ironically the biggest holdup was figuring out when would be a good time to be laid low by the reaction I’m almost certain to have to the Covid shot.

I don’t know when I’ll get either of them now. Right now I have symptoms albeit mild ones, but they won’t take me as long as that’s the case. I was hoping to have them out of the way by the time party season started, but since for us that begins on Sunday, that’s not happening.

But I can worry about all that later. Right now I’m more concerned about being able to feel like myself again. I was at least able to mash this post out, so that’s a start. Until today the mere thought of trying was enough to put me back on the couch.

More to come soon…hopefully.

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