Hi! I’m Your Dream Devil!

Does anybody else think those Lotto Max dream coach commercials are super annoying and dumb?

Basically, there’s this woman imagining what she could do with her lottery winnings, and this guy appears and tells her that as her dream coach, he wants her to dream bigger! Then the woman goes from imagining a country home to having a villa with a vineyard. There’s a whole set of these commercials, and some of them picture helicopter pads on top of their houses or other dumb stuff.

I’m getting old because when I see those commercials, I get grumpy. What the hell is this guy doing encouraging these people to blow their money? Is he trying to make sure they have to buy more lottery tickets and stay in the labour force because they’ll be broke again? Sure, it’s one thing to do a couple of fun or nice things, but why blow it all on a bunch of stuff that you probably won’t want in the long term, stuff that will be suuuper expensive to maintain?

Maybe it bugs me because I know what it feels like to need to watch my money. I’m good now, but there were times when I had to be very careful. I always had the necessities, but I had to pray that nothing would go wrong because if it did, there was no safety net. So, seeing someone stand there going “I think you should throw away your money!” drives me nuts because that feeling of having to be careful is a feeling that never totally leaves you. Plus, enough of us are already stupid with money. We don’t need encouragement!

As a silly aside, one time when this commercial was on, I wasn’t paying attention, and when he said “Susan, beautiful dream.” I thought “Oh boy, here comes another Donald Trump impression!” I’ve been ruined. I can’t hear words like “beautiful”, “gorgeous”, “tremendous” or “brilliant” without thinking of Trump, especially if the voice sounds remotely Trump-like.

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