A Song To Get You In The Mood For Something Or Other. Shoveling, Perhaps

If you’re looking for a little holiday music to get you into the spirit of the season, you know, just in case all the damn snow isn’t enough for you, how about a little José Van Haliano?

Music used in this mashup:
Jose Feliciano – Feliz Navidad
Van Halen – Ain’t Talkin’ ’bout Love

Guitar solo adapted and played by me.

Speaking of all the damn snow, we’re definitely getting it here in KW. We’re not sure what that means for our travel plans aside from a good altering, but we’ll take that as it comes. What else can we do, really?

Christmas Eve with some of my extended family has already been moved to New Year’s Day. Last year we did it in March, so that’s not so bad. It’s probably a good decision. The last prediction I heard for Kitchener was something like 15 CM of snow today, then another 10 tomorrow. All of that on top of the ice and the high winds and I’m not sure I’d even be able to get out of town and all the way to them if they still wanted me to.

Speaking of not getting out, I don’t have high hopes for poor Carin. Her trip involves a two hour drive to meet her ride in Toronto, then another four and a half to get the rest of the way home. I’m basing those estimates on a good day, which this most certainly is not. They haven’t made the call to put things off yet, but I think it may be just a matter of time if things keep up this way. Her family can be a little nutty when it comes to road trips, but there are limits to everything and at some point it’s just better to stay safe even if there’s an extremely good reason for wanting to get home.

So far, Christmas day with my immediate family is untouched, so if things start clearing up by Sunday hopefully we can make that trip.

Wherever you find yourselves, we hope that you’re all safe and warm. And all of you who were complaining about not having a white Christmas, I hope you’re happy now.

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