You’d Better Not Make Him Number Forty-Seven

And now, it’s time for Carin and Steve have mind beams part…um…I suppose “FORTY-FIVE!”

I was just out in the kitchen washing dishes and listening to a podcast completely unrelated to music or politics or anything that would make me think about Donald Trump or Randy Rainbow when I suddenly thought to myself, I wonder what Randy Rainbow’s been up to lately. I’m surprised he’s not having a field day with all of Trump’s legal problems like everyone else has been.

A few minutes later I finish up, walk back in here, check my email, and Carin has sent me this.

Here and there somebody will try to explain it and now and then one of them is even half way coherent, but the whole Trump thing has been beyond me since it started, and I don’t even know what I’ll do if come next year he’s in the White House instead of the big house. In all seriousness, if I am ever so unhappy with the state of my life that a person as slimy, dumb, and generally off-putting as Donald Trump seems to me like a legitimate way out of that hole, please, get me help.

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