You’re Toast, Buddy!

Story is about a year old, but I’m still going to post it for a few reasons:

  1. Age ain’t nothin’ but a number.
  2. A fight broke out in a restaurant over a damn toaster, which is one of those dumb things we kind of keep track of.
  3. Is it common at British buffets to have to make your own toast? That seems odd.

Diners hoping to tuck into a £6.49 breakfast buffet at Harvester’s Aintree branch got more than they bargained for when one fry-up fan reportedly pushed into a queue to use the toaster – causing a fist-fight to break out in front of terrified diners.
Footage of the scrap, taken by a customer, shows a group of people rushing to intervene while onlookers scream and attempt to break up the fracas at around 10.30am on Friday, January 26.
One child, who we have chosen to pixelate, was visibly upset by the disturbance and, in the original footage, can be seen covering his hands and ears as he sobs.

A diner told the ECHO: “It was terrifying. We were just having our breakfast and one fella apparently pushed in to use the toaster.
“Someone else told him ‘f*** off, there’s a queue’ and they were shouting at each other. To be honest, it wasn’t the one that pushed in that was causing the problems, it was the other one.

“We heard him offering him outside for a fight and he kept coming back to his table and shouting down his ear asking him for a fight outside. He had a [young] baby with him. It was disgusting.”

“They went into the glass area near the doors, and the chefs were out trying to split it up as well as diners.
“One of the lad’s girlfriend was telling him to calm down, and the staff were as well, but it just went on.

“I felt really uncomfortable, it was awful. The police arrived as we were leaving.”

Yes, there is a bit of video to go along with the article. It autoplays and gets a bit shriekie, just so you know.

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