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Last Updated on: 12th July 2013, 10:33 am

Note: I actually wrote this yesterday but between a combination of being tired, sidetracked with other things, and our posting system being on crack, it didn’t make it up. Actually I think it did but more on that in a few minutes. Enjoy the post, if this isn’t the third or fourth time you’re seeing it, it’s not showing up on the site when I go there but that doesn’t seem to mean much.

Today has been a very uneventful day. I haven’t really done much worth noting, there isn’t anything going on in the news today that screams at me to write about it, and there isn’t much on TV right now. I’ve got the news on in the background and the hockey game is about to start but this has just been one of those days where nothing is grabbing my interest in a serious way. I hate days like this. Days where you feel like you should be doing something but aren’t sure exactly what that is. Days where you feel creative and your mind is telling you that you are but then decides to go on lunch break when you sit down and try to form that creativity into something. Days like this aren’t really very good for blogging either but hey, here I am. I figure there’s only one thing to do in a situation like this when postworthy thoughts are hard to come by, and that’s link to other people’s things. Sadly, that’s the best idea I’ve had all damn day, so here we go.

If you’re looking for some more blog action, why not give
a try. She likes us enough to link to us, so check her out. She also hates Fred Durst so she’s cool with me by default even though there are a couple of Bizkit songs that I don’t mind too much.

Our man Armagideon Time has gone and changed his site address since he says he screwed something up,
so check that out too. Guy’s got some interesting stuff floating around in his head. Worth a look for certain, and you’ll probably wanna make it a favourite. I’m thinking that both of those links will end up over on the right in the near future since they were both nice enough to link back to us so if for some reason you don’t bookmark or give a click right away, you can do so later on.

If you’re in a reading about wrestling frame of mind, you can check out
this review of Steve Austin’s book.
Sounds like it could be an interesting read, and I’m sure it’s gonna sell like crazy.

Also on the wrestling front we have
Wrestle Crap,
which is always bringing everything craptacular your way. If you like wrestling and you’re a fan of laughter, then this is your place.

And if you need a little music to pass your time away, why not head over to the home of
Brad Sucks,
my new favourite 1 man band. He’s got a heaping load of free musical goodness for download and I have very little doubt that you’ll like at least a couple of songs. If you find yourself getting into it, buy his album, it’s only $5 American. Anybody can afford that, even Canadians like me.

While you’re there, snag yourself a copy of
Outside The Inbox,
a compilation of songs inspired by the subject lines of Spam emails. It too is only 5 bucks. I own one, and I’m going to own the Brad Sucks album quite soon I’m thinking since I’m really digging some of this stuff.

Ok, that should keep you busy for awhile I think. If not, check out all the stuff on the right, there’s a fair bit of it there and I’m sure you can find something fun, and more is on the way so keep checking it out.

This post took forever to write. I started it at 7 o’clock and it’s about 10 to 10 now. Man did I ever get sidetracked. I’m not even going to mention the horrible play of the Leafs tonight, they don’t even deserve publicity after a game like that. Actually it wasn’t so much a game as it was a sound thrashing.

I’m off to lay on the couch and fall asleep watching TV now. Feel free to
email me your feedback
or leave it on the boards. Thanks for checking out the site and thanks for all the nice feedback and links to us. Even if you hate us, thanks anyway, I’m feeling generous today. Yes, generous and sleepy. I’m done.

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