Thanks Anyway

Last Updated on: 15th August 2013, 09:25 am

Hey all,
I know Steve has received some and I’ve gotten 2 e-mails today also regarding others posting on this site. For now we’re just going to keep it at Steve and I. With any luck the comment board will be up within the next hour or so and you can comment to your little heart’s content but as for posts, for now we’ll leave it at Steve and I and then see down the road a little. Also, don’t forget that you can send anything you’d like to say to either of us and we’d more than likely post it for you… just don’t go crazy becoming a regular through us, cuz let’s face it. Taht would be annoying on your part lol.

Lastly, as I said the comment board will be up very shortly as I seem to have figured out the HTML. Don’t abuse it or be stupid on it though as the program we’re using does have the option to block certain users and we will not hesitate to do so if your causing problems for others. Let’s all play nice, boys and girls.


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